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Introducing $AUDIO,
The Audius Platform


$AUDIO enables network security, exclusive feature access, and community-owned governance. The Audius protocol gives everyone the freedom to share, monetize, and listen to any audio. Thanks to $AUDIO, our users can earn a voice in the platform’s future through active contributions to the network.

Our SoundCloud alternative helps artists monetize their work in creative ways by better engaging true fans. We’re here to create the future of streaming by giving users the means to shape Audius as the recipients of $AUDIO tokens.

The protocol will live forever, owned and operated by a decentralized community of artists, developers, and fans collaborating to defend the world’s music catalog.

Users stake $AUDIO to secure the platform, and in return receive a share of network fees, governance weight, and exclusive feature unlocks.

Stake $AUDIO
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To run discovery or content nodes.

Providers get a higher probability of fan discovery and a share of network fees for securing the network.

Icon for Features

To unlock exclusive features and services.

Artists may unlock services like artist tokens and badges, and receive voting power from fans who want to share in their success.

Icon for Gov

To participate in protocol governance and shape the future of Audius.

Every aspect of Audius is governable, creating a truly community-owned and operated streaming service.

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