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The Audius protocol involves two different tokens to operate: a governance token called “Audius”, and a platform token called “Loud” (which is 1-1 backed by 3rd-party stablecoins).

Value accrual token.

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Staked by service providers to operate services in the network or propose governance changes

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Stakers of Audius tokens earn a proportional amount of the inflation in the Audius token supply and proceeds from the network fee pool (aggregated from listener payments)

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Align governance and service provider incentives with increased protocol usage and long-term value creation

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Stakers of Audius tokens earn voting power in protocol changes

Audius connects listeners directly with creators in a familiar music player interface, removing all intermediaries. Learn more about our tokens.

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Used by listeners & content creators to interact with the Audius protocol. Price-stable.

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Native protocol token that is backed by / exchangeable for 3rd-party stablecoins.

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Spent by listeners and creators, earned by all protocol users.

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Creators can curate content and earn a cut when their reposts or playlists are listened to.

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Service providers earn fees for streaming revenue they enable.

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Earnings of Loud tokens (for artists and curators) correlate to voting power in protocol changes.

Non-Fungible Tokens

We also plan to launch a few classes of non-fungible tokens in future.

  • Creator Token
  • Compilation Token
  • Tour / Festival Token

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